The Book

“Facts of Life: ten issues of contentment” written by Michael C. Graham with Lynda Priddy and Sandy Graham is available on Amazon and other outlets. The book was written with the help of a number of therapists and based on over 40 years of experience in the helping profession. Much of our experience has been in psychiatric hospitals and other institutions as well as private practice setting. Over the years a few themes have emerged over and over. Regardless of whether our clients at the time were adults or children, whether they were inmates in jail, patients in hospital, or just people in search of peace, regardless of their backgrounds and cultural heritage, the issues are always the same. These recurrent issues became the ‘facts’ this book discusses.

These issues of contentment are actually characteristics of the human condition. We all must, at some time, deal with one or more of these issues in our lives if we are to maintain control over our own happiness. This book lays out these ten issues in a clear uncomplicated manner. It does not promise a magical secret solution or present a new guru to the world.

The book simply discusses the proven principles of contentment documented in some of the oldest writing of the human species and often verified by modern science. It discusses the issues we all face and points out the truth that all human beings in all times and places have everything they need to be happy. It is an invitation to join millions of others who have developed the skill to keep a firm grip on contentment no matter what life throws at us.

Here are three places to buy the book online:
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